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  • A Piercing Thorn 10/17/2018
    The thorn pricked my index finger, drawing blood. I hollered and then groaned, drawing back my hand instinctively. But I shouldn’t have been surprised: trying to prune a thorny bush without gardening gloves was a recipe for exactly what just happened. The pain throbbing in my finger—and the blood flowing from it—demanded attention. And as […]
    Adam Holz
  • The Prayer and the Chain Saw 10/16/2018
    I respect my Aunt Gladys’s intrepid spirit, even if that very spirit concerns me sometimes. The source of my concern came in the form of news she shared in an email: “I cut down a walnut tree yesterday.” You must understand that my chain-saw wielding aunt is seventy-six years old! The tree had grown up […]
    Linda Washington
  • Terrible and Beautiful Things 10/15/2018
    Fear can leave us frozen in our own lives. We know all the reasons to be afraid—everything that’s hurt us in the past, everything that could easily do so again. So sometimes we’re stuck—unable to go back; too afraid to move forward. I just can’t do it. I’m not smart enough, strong enough, or brave […]
    Monica Brands