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Welcome to the All New All Powerful IMN Radio!  We are dedicated to keeping you lifted through word and song.  It is our prayer that this station will continue to be a blessing to you and those that you share us with.  We are striving to change the world “One Listener At A Time”.

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  • Where to Find Hope 09/19/2018
    Elizabeth struggled for a long time with drug addiction, and when she recovered wanted to help others in return. So she started writing notes and anonymously placing them throughout her city. Elizabeth tucks these notes under car windshield wipers and tacks them on poles in parks. She used to look for signs of hope; now […]
    Anne Cetas
  • A Fitting Time 09/18/2018
    Yesterday I purchased a plane ticket to send my firstborn child to college. I’m surprised the keyboard on my computer still functions, given the waterworks my eyes unleashed on it during the flight selection process. I have so enjoyed my eighteen years of daily life with her that I am saddened by the prospect of […]
    Kirsten Holmberg


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