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Welcome to the All New All Powerful IMN Radio!  We are dedicated to keeping you lifted through word and song.  It is our prayer that this station will continue to be a blessing to you and those that you share us with.  We are striving to change the world “One Listener At A Time”.

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  • Riding the Rapids 08/13/2018
    The rafting guide escorted our group to the river’s edge and directed us all to put on life jackets and grab paddles. As we climbed into the boat, he assigned us seats to balance the boat’s weight, providing stability when we encountered rapids. After highlighting the thrills the watery voyage ahead would hold for us, […]
    Kirsten Holmberg
  • The Gift of Time 08/12/2018
    I headed into the post office in a big hurry. I had a number of things on my “to do” list, but as I entered I was frustrated to find a long line backing up all the way to the door. “Hurry up and wait,” I muttered, glancing at my watch. My hand was still […]
    James Banks


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